Feeling frustrated when it comes to attracting higher paying clients and your struggles with improving your profit margins?

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Cut your sales cycle in half so you stop chasing tire kickers and wasting time

Get conversations started in your inbox with decision makers eager to speak with you

Tip demand in your favor so it's easier and faster to close more sales

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What is Jetmatic?

It's a service that virtually fast tracks you to applying affinity in a way that's enjoyable as it is effective.

You can quickly start conversations inside your inbox with decision makers eager to speak with you...

You can easily generate 3 - 5 appointments weekly without any advertising expense or buying leads...

You can reach between 50 - 150 of your ideal clients everyday ...all without having to hire sales staff

Results come fast, beginning in as little as 2 weeks, you'll be amazed to see that you are connecting with decision makers more than ever before...

Your progress continues over the following 1-2 months and you really begin to experience things like tipping the scale of demand so you attract higher paying clients...

...and it just keeps getting better:

In as little as 6 months...that's all...as you settle fully into the system and experience prospecting on autopilot...allowing you more freedom and security.

Does It Really Work?

Only 24% of sales emails are opened and it takes an average of 18 calls to connect with a decision maker....Jetmatic eliminates these challenges so you grow faster.

~ Gary Nelson

How Does It Work?

It starts with LinkedIn.

If your decision makers are on LinkedIn, I'll get you speaking with them so you can make more sales.

It's like having a sales person knocking 50 - 150 doors every single day.

But if you're not on LinkedIn connecting, messaging and engaging everyday with future customers, you're missing out.

I'll do the heavy lifting for you. I'll get decision makers connecting with you and send messages on your behalf to start conversations with people interested in what you offer....all you do is take over the conversation and close the sale.

Here is Exactly What I'll Provide

1. Profile Attraction

Your Linkedin profile is your first impression so it needs to be attractive.

When decision makers skim your profile they judge you within 3 seconds. I'll write your profile headline and summary so you differentiate and stand out from competitors.

Within 3 seconds, decision makers will know exactly if what you do can help them overcome the problem that keeps them from reaching their goals. This is the first step in attracting prospects.

2. Build Your Target

You attract what you seek so you'll tell me who is your ideal customer, their position, company size, location, industry, etc. and I will build a targeted list that match your criteria.

A qualified lead is somebody who matches this criteria you provided and can afford what you offer.

3. Super Connector

Everyday on your behalf I will send an invitation to 50 - 150 decision makers asking to connect with you.

If they accept the invitation then I'll send a message on your behalf asking if they're struggling with the problems you help clients like them overcome.

If the decision maker replies with interest you get them on the phone and close the sale. In most industries, this produces consistently 3 - 5 opportunities weekly.

4. The Power of Follow Up

If the decision maker doesn't reply I continue nudging them without being annoying over 90 days until they reply.

The longer you use Jetmatic, the better the results.

Sales Navigation Professional subscription required on your LinkedIn account

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