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Gary Nelson

Anything you need or questions that come up, just let me know. I'm here to make sure this is the most awesome experience you've ever had.

Here's a refresher of what you get with Jetmatic so that we're on the same page:

We're super excited to be working with you.

  • A makeover of your LinkedIn profile so it's attractive and stands out
  • Invitations sent daily requesting to connect to your ideal clients
  • Email sequence sent o start conversations inside your inbox with new LI connections
  • Premium news release published to our network of news media sites

We have 4 things you need to get done as soon as possible (details below)

Open a New Gmail Account


We suggest creating a new gmail account specifically for this project so it's easier to manage the high volume of messaging that will flow through the inbox.

Since the relationship is originating inside LinkedIn and people are connecting with you based on your name and not your company name, the best email addresses should include some variation of your personal name.

In our testing we found no detriment to using a gmail address compared to a branded domain and it's because the relationship originated in LinkedIn, but if using a branded domain is most important to you then we recommend you purchase your personal name as a domain.

You can upgrade your gmail account to GSuite, add the domain and create your email address. For example, I upgraded my gmail to GSuite, which is only $5 monthly, and added my domain (garynelsonjr.com) and my email address is [email protected]

The final point to keep in mind is that the purpose of using Gmail is because we install apps that facilitate mass email marketing, but once you have moved the relationship with your ideal client from email to telephone or in person, you can easily migrate them to your company's internal email system.


Fill Out the Questionnaire

Your answers help us formulate your profile makeover and design your email sequence. The questions are intended to be thought provoking so if you struggle that's perfectly normal. In fact, many clients tell us that the best part of our onboard process is the clarity they get about their business and how it's used to position what they offer better.

Completing this step as early as possible is most important because once we receive your answers we can start developing our recommendations for your profile and keep on track with getting your campaign launched as fast as possible.

Click to Open Questionnaire

Add Sales Navigator to Your LinkedIn Account


We use Sales Navigator inside your LinkedIn account to create and save searches targeting your ideal client. The searches are exported to our software so that invitations are sent daily.

If you have never used any of LinkedIn's premium services then most likely you'll eligible for their 30 day trial. You'll have the option of selecting a monthly or annual subscription. The annual subscription offered delivers the most savings.

LinkedIn offers several premium services so the one you want to select should be "Sales" and when you checkout of the shopping cart the description should say, "Sales Navigator Professional".

Click for Sales Navigator

Watch the "How to Get the Most" Videos

Next you'll want to watch a couple of videos that will prepare you for our first call together when we review our recommendations for your profile makeover.


Click for Videos

Okay, that's it for now, but once we have your profile recommendations prepared we'll reach out for your availability.

We're looking forward to working with you!

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